Benvenuti Alla Pizzeria Romana!

Chef Luciano Canova was born in 1949, on a small farm just outside of Rome, Italy. Raised by both his parents and grandparents, food has always been the staple that kept his family together. His passion for food was instilled in him as a small child in his country home. After Graduating from the Culinary Institute of Italy, Luciano worked all around the world including Switzerland, Germany, and on a cruise line. Luciano’s passion has always been for food and people. His dream was to open restaurants in the United States, and he has succeed in this beyond his wildest dreams. His award winning preparations and legendary approach to customer service have allowed Chef Luciano to grow a family of Italian restaurants in Rhode Island and Southern Massachusetts, offering his authentic, down-to-earth approach to fine Italian cuisine to guests across the region.

Tired of seeing ads for chain pizzerias that sold pizza unrecognizable to what Chef Luciano grew up eating, he decided to open an authentic Italian pizzeria in the same building as his Trattoria Romana restaurant and Trattoria Express Catering & Deli. Pizzeria Romana now offers guests authentic Roman style pizzas, as well as calzones, pastas, sandwiches, and desserts. Guests who dine-in with us can also enjoy beer and wine. As Chef Luciano always says in his unforgettable Italian style, “You’re Going to Love our Pizza!”